PM Deuba eager to handover state power to new government

CHITWAN: The Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has asserted that he is eagerly waiting to handover state power to newly elected government.

Nepali Congress President Deuba said he would step down only after all the required procedures are completed while addressing the 14th Chitwan Elephant Festival in Sauraha in the district on Tuesday.

"For the successful implementation of the constitution, holding both the Provincial and House of Representatives elections were imperative. For the sake of country and to bring an end to political transition NC did not refrain away from elections, knowing the fact that party would not fare well in the polls," Deuba lamented.

PM Deuba also said that Nepali Congress has made a significant contribution in the history of Nepali politics by playing vital role in ending political transitional in the country in its leadership.

Deuba, who won elections for the House of Representatives from his home district of Dadeldhura said NC is committed for development of the nation whether it is in the government or not.

He also shared that Nepal had given a positive message to the world by successfully holding both the provincial and parliamentary elections for the implementation of constitution and federalism after a long political transition.

"We are convinced that development is possible in democracy. We all should move ahead by institutionalining the constitution in the nation," PM expressed.

He also said significant rise in the number of tourists visiting the Himalayan Nation is due to government's effort and commitment for the development of the tourism.

Meanwhile, the country is experiencing political impasse as the current government is reluctant on holding the National Assembly Election for the formation of new government.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has not endorsed the National Assembly Election Ordinance submitted by the Deuba government. The head of the state has sought political consensus from major parties for endorsing the ordinance.

However, the major parties have failed to forge consensus on the National Assembly Election to pave way for the formation of new government.

Earlier, Nepali Congress faced a debacle in the recently held elections as UML and CPN-Maoist Centre garnered majority in the provincial and parliamentary elections. However, NC restored parity after collecting 72 seats for UML's 75 and CPN Maoist Centre's 35 in the proportional representation.

Nepali Congress and Madhes-based parties have backed the Single Transferable Voting System for the National Assembly election, where as UML is standing firm on Multiple Electoral Voting System based on majority for the same.

Under the Majority voting system, UML would have more number of members in the National Assembly as it has secured majority seats in vital posts in the Rural Municipality and Municipalities in recently concluded FPTP and Provincial elections.

The CPN-Maoist Centre Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal has asserted that he would play a mediator role between the NC, the main opposition UML and Madhes based parties for forging consensus on the National Assembly election issues for ending the political impasse.

UML Chairman and leftist alliance common candidate KP Sharma Oli is tipped to lead the new government.