PM lends a hand in weeding bid

CHITWAN: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today urged one and all to be involved

in the conservation of protected areas.

The premier was taking part in a campaign to weed out mikania micrantha, known as Michaha Jhar in the vernacular, in Chitwan National Park. He was accompanied by Forest Minister Deepak Bohara, Finance Minister Surendra Pandey and staffers of the Department of Forest.

The invasive plant species is threatening the existence of the flora in the conservation area. Spotted in the area about 15 years ago, the weed is spreading over a larger sector, affecting other plant species adversely.

Meanwhile, PM Nepal likened the Unified CPN-Maoist, the largest party in the Constituent Assembly,

to the weed. ‘’Some

political parties share characteristics with this plant. We should finish off such characters,’’ he remarked.

Claiming that one failing to respect the history

would not secure their future, the chief executive was all praise for the contribution of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who laid the foundation of modern Nepal by unifying small kingdoms.