PM Oli addresses Province 2 assembly: Excerpts

KATHMANDU: Prime Minster KP Sharma Oli has today delivered a special address at the Provincial Assembly (Pradesh Sabha) of Province 2 in Janakpur.

The Prime Minister had held discussions with the Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker and other senior ministers of the province before addressing the assembly.

PM Oli, in his speech, urged the leaders and people of the province to engage in cooperation and not struggle for the development of the province. He further assured them that the government is in no way biased towards the province and that it will fully support the second tier to achieve prosperity.

Excerpts from the Prime Minister's speech, in points:

Local, provincial levels do not have to 'fight' with the centre: In his speech, Prime Minister said that the Provincial and Local levels do not have to fight it out with the centre and rather cooperate to achieve the same goal. He stated that since the federal structure is a new practice that the Nepali people are yet to get used to, there are some initial issues that have been encountered. However, with time, those issues will be addressed and solved.

Medical College in Rajbiraj : In a bid to pacify the discontent and doubt held by the Province 2 people over the current government which has time and again received flak for 'divisive politics', Oli went on to announce that a Medical College will be established in Rajbiraj. "We are thinking about naming the college after great republican leader Ram Raja Prasad Singh. Nothing is final, we are contemplating," said PM Oli.

On citizenship issue: He further addressed the ever contentious issue regarding citizenship and said that a person will be issued a citizenship if either of his/her parents holds the country's citizenship. The Prime Minister stressed on the 'or' clause for granting the citizenship to a person applying for one.

It is to be noted that Province 2 residents, among others, hold doubt over the current laws regarding citizenship issuance.

Constitution and law are not absolute and can be changed: "We, the people's representatives, made the constitution and its articles. They are not as rigid as some religious text-books. If changes are needed, we will definitely make them," said the Prime Minister.

Prove that the Constitution is discriminatory, we will correct that: Constitution of Nepal is not discriminatory and it does not discriminate against the Province 2 residents, the Prime Minister said. "Prove that there are discriminatory laws and we will amend it. If proven, we will take off such laws", Oli said.

Tins to replace thatched roofs: The federal government will provide 50,000 tin sheets to the province to replace thatched roofs made up of hay-straws or other dry vegetation. The support is a grant and not a debt, Oli added.

Ship from Province 2 to Kolkata: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli shared the federal government's plan to connect Nepal and India through waterway and that Province 2 will be the ground connecting these two countries via waterway.

Will work in Province 2 even for the sake of shutting critics: The Prime Minister said that he will work in Province 2 the most even if to shut the critics, the majority holding the centre for being discriminatory towards the province.

Dowry, an evil: Oli pointed out that practices such as give and take of dowry is a social-ill and need to be checked.