PM Oli stresses on national consensus govt

NEPALGUNJ: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday said that a national consensus government was essential for the welfare of the country.

Talking to media persons at Nepalgunj Airport, the Prime Minister claimed that preparations were afoot to form a national consensus government instead of dissolving the incumbent government.

Oli was on his way to Surkhet to take part in the meeting of Mid Western University's Senate in Birendranagar.

"Discussions are underway with all the political parties for consensus. The incumbent government should be allowed to function until the next parliamentary elections," he said.

He also said that national consensus government was a must for proper implementation of the Constitution.

"It will be easier to implement the Constitution once national consensus government is formed. So we have emphasised on the formation of national consensus government."

The PM further said it was natural and a democratic practice for oppositions to criticise the government.

"But the criticism should be constructive and government should be judged on the basis of its merit(s) and demerit(s)."