PM prorogues budget session amid differences

Kathmandu, August 24:

The budget session of the Parliament ended today after Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala announced the “end” of the second session despite differences between major parties over the issue of giving continuity to it or proroguing it.

Speaker Subas Nembang read out a letter from Koirala announcing the end of this session.

The CPN-Maoist differed over the move. Chief whip of the party Dinanath Sharma said the session should have been “discontinued” not ended since loktantra was still not consolidated and “regressive powers”, which are looking for opportunity “to play”, were in place.

Sharma said possibilities of a “political disaster” cannot be ruled out in the absence of parliament. “Who will take the responsibility if a political disaster occurs?” he queried, while speaking during today’s session. The Maoists say the environment is still not favourable for the elections and that the government has “lot more to do”.

Nepal Congress (NC), NC (Democratic), and Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), however, supported the announcement, saying that parties should be “united” and go to villages and districts in the run-up to the constituent assembly election.

“There is no use sitting here when people are waiting for us,” NC chief whip Ananda Prasad Dhungana said. He added that thTHT Onlinee king can be removed by calling the session of the parliament if he tries to obstruct the election.

Suggesting lawmakers not to deviate from the norms of interim constitution, he said that anyone trying to obstruct the polls will be day-dreaming.

The budget session of the parliament, which began on July 2 and lasted 54 days, passed 23 Bills out of the 30 Bills tabled in the House. Thirteen Bills have been authenticated by the Speaker while eight bills are under discussion in the parliamentary committees.

Bills passed include Appropriation Bill 2007-08, Constituent Assembly Election Court 2007, Government’s Programme and Policies, Right to Information Bill 2006, new National Anthem, Civil Servant Act.

Speaker Nembang laid emphasis on unity among the parties till a new constitution is written by the constituent assembly. “There is no alternative to a constituent assembly election,” Nembang said and urged all lawmakers to go to the people to create a conducive environment for the polls. “Be sure, polls will be held on the stipulated date,” he told the lawmakers.

Fringe parties, including the Janamorcha Nepal, Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party and the United Left Front, opposed the idea of ending the session. They said the session should have been discontinued.

What bigwigs say

• NC chief whip Ananda Prasad Dhungana: “Road is clear for CA elections.”

• NC(D) chief whip Tek Bahadur Chokhyal: “We must go to the people now.”

• RPP chairman Pashupati SJB Rana: “Let us create a conducive environment for the polls.”

• Maoist chief whip Dinanath Sharma: “Environment for the polls is not favourable. We are not running away from the polls.”