PM reiterates timely statute

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today expressed commitments on behalf of the government to draft the constitution within the stipulated time.

PM Nepal was addressing a programme in the capital which was jointly organised by the Constitutional Lawyers’ Forum and the Consortium of Constitutional Experts. “The government’s first priority is to draft the constitution on time and lead the peace process to a logical conclusion,” said Nepal.

“The supremacy of constitutionalism is essential to establish the rule of law and to guarantee the democratic system,” the PM added. He also emphasised on the need for the people’s ownership to the new constitution.

PM Nepal said that the political system without opposition would be impractical, therefore, his government was not in favour of such a system. “Multi-party system and pluralism should be the basic characters of the future constitution,” he added.

Emphasising a bicameral legislature in the centre and an unicameral legislature in the state level, he outlined the need of the provision for a mixed election system in the new constitution. Attorney General, Pro Dr Bharat Bahadur Karki, asked to draft the constitution which would guarantee the rule of law.