PM urged to take initiative to get Rome Statute endorsed

BIRATNAGAR: Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) and the Human Rights Alliance have jointly drawn the attention of the government to respect international law by endorsing the convention on International Criminal Court or the Rome Statute.

INSEC's east regional coordinator Somraj Thapa, through Chief District Officer Ram Prasad Acharya, drew the attention of the Prime Minister on this matter.

"We want to recall here that the reinstated House of Representatives had on July 25, 2006 unanimously passed a resolution issuing a directive order to the Government of Nepal to endorse the Rome Statute," states a memorandum handed over to CDO Acharya.

CDO Acharya said that the memorandum would be forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office today itself. He said the government was alert against the violation of human rights.

The International Day of Justice is celebrated across the world on July 17.