Pokhara duo with congenital disorder living arduous lives

POKHARA: Two brothers Chet Bahadur (31) and Shiva Nepali (24), who were born with congenital disorder, neither can speak nor move freely and have been living arduous lives since then.

Devu Nepali (53), mother of six children, including two with permanent disabilities since birth, have been taking care of her physically challenged children.

Nepali shared that her sons are unable to take care of themselves and that is why she has to take care of them.

"After giving birth to two sons, we were very happy. They used to jump up and down in my lap. However, as they grew older their movement declined sharply," Nepali recalls her past.

Devu's eyes become moist if anyone inquires about her two sons.

"I gave birth to three sons and three daughters, however, I am not lucky enough to enjoy my sons' earning. It's my womb and fate that has determined my destiny," Nepali laments.

Her two daughters have settled down, while the eldest one is determined to stay unmarried to look after her brothers after parents' demise.

The Kaski District Women and Children Development Office provided them with disability ID cards through which they receive Rs 2,000 as disability allowance each monthly. It is disbursed once in every four months through local representatives in the village.

Currently, Nepali's family is residing at a house, which was partially destroyed in the April 25 devastating earthquake, with minimal repairs.

Devu received the first installment of Rs 50,000 but does not remember where she spent that money.

"We have heard of receiving Rs 200,000. Every thing is so expensive, cement, iron rod, as well as transportation. Maybe we won't get remaining installment," Purna Bahadur lamented.

Meanwhile, the family has been surviving by working in others' farms as they do not have enough arable land of their own.