Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City to drop ‘Lekhnath’ from its name

Pokhara, June 25

Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolis is all set to drop ‘Lekhnath’ from its name with a proposal towards that effect being tabled at the municipal assembly today.

Former CPN-UML whip and Pokhara Metropolis, Ward 19 Chairperson Shobha Mohan Poudel tabled a proposal seeking that the word ‘Lekhnath’ be dropped from the name of the metropolis today, one day after the municipal assembly of the metropolis started.

Nepali Congress whip and Ward 9 Chairperson Ramraj Lamichhane seconded the proposal.

“As the name Pokhara-Lekhnath is long, we think calling the metropolitan city Pokhara would be better. Besides, the name is also famous as a tourist hub even outside the country,” said Lamichhane.

The proposal, however, has been protested by a few ward chairpersons and ward members in the metropolis.

According to Mayor Man Bahadur GC, the name of the metropolis will be changed through majority.

“In fact, I love the entirety of Pokhara, not only Lekhnath. There would have never been the hassle of changing the name if those who were involved in assigning the name had only named it Pokhara Metropolis,” said Mayor GC, adding that majority of Provincial Assembly members are in favour of changing the name of the metropolis to just Pokhara Metropolis.

“In fact, Lekhnath hasn’t got anything just because the name is adopted as the name of the metropolis along with Pokhara,” said Lekhnath Poudel of Lekhnath, while others have demanded that the metropolis invest in development of the birthplace of the late poet Lekhnath Poudel to develop it as a tourist hub.