Pokhara reels under drugs shortage, Regional Hospital on the verge of closing operating theatre

POKHARA:  The Western Zonal Hospital in Pokhara is on the verge of closing its operating theatre due to lack of anaesthetics, thanks to the ongoing border blockade and Madhes agitation that have created acute shortage of essential supplies across Nepal.

According to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Shreekrishna Shrestha, the stock of anaesthics has dwindled and it will completely run out of it within two days.

If new supply of anaethetics could not arranged in a couple of days then the hospital would be compelled to suspend operations from Friday, Shrestha said.

The hospital, which is visited by common people who cannot  afford to pay for their treatment at private hospital,s has been carrying out five major surgeries on a daily basis and 40 gynaecological operations twice a week.

Pregnant women who have to undergo caesarian section would be directly affected by the potential suspension of operation service at the hospital.

The hospital is running out of medicines essential at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and post-operative wards also.

Likewise, Pokhara has witnessed shortage of many life saving drugs and medicines for diabetes, kidney and skin related diseases, cancer and high blood pressure.