‘Pokhara will become a trade hub’

Pokhara, February 26

Chief Minister of Province 4 Prithvi Subba Gurung today said his government would develop Pokhara, the provincial capital, into an international trade hub in the near future.

Speaking at a function organised to felicitate him in Pokhara today, CM Gurung claimed that the geographic landscape of the province would also make it possible to develop Pokhara into an international trade hub. “Toad connectivity from Mustang’s Korala border to Susta Tribeni road section via Pokhara and construction of the regional international airport will contribute adequately to develop Pokhara as an international trade hub,” said CM Gurung.

He said they had held discussion with the government of the Republic of China and it was positive about constructing road along the Korala border to Tribeni via Pokhara. “We can connect China and India with road access within a few years. All the products of our country and the two neighbouring countries can easily be imported and exported to two other countries via Pokhara,” said Chief Minister Gurung.

He stated that Province 4 could be developed as a prosperous province due to high prospects of tourism, hydro power generation and other natural resources. He argued that the basic needs of drinking water, education, health and road connectivity, among others, would be ensured to each location and family within two years.

CM Gurung also said national and international investors would be lured to invest a huge chunk of money in new industries by creating conducive atmosphere for them. He also said they would form policies to develop the agriculture sector for sustainable development of the country. “Youths will be encouraged to stay in the country and do something significant once they are provided job opportunities,” said CM Gurung.