Police, Maoists’ coordination stressed for curbing crimes

Ilam, October 7 :

Speakers at an interaction programme here today stressed the need to curb crime and take swift action against criminals by ensuring coordination between the Maoists and the Nepal Police.

Speaking at the programme organised by the District Police Office, titled “Peace and situation of security in the district”, member of the Civil Monitoring Panel and president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Bishnu Nisthuri, said non-action has encouraged the criminal to operate with impunity.

While it is the duty of police to investigate crimes, the Maoists also should help the police, said Nisthuri.

Chief of the Mechi zone police, Senior Superintendent of Police Parvati Thapa said the Maoists should do their bit to help curb crime. She urged Maoists not to obstruct the movement of police in villages. SSP Thapa also asked the Maoists to assist in reinstatement of police posts.

Civilian Dharma Gautam pointed out that the Maoists should be sensitive to the rising incidents of crime.

Speaking on the occasion, DSP Buddhiraj Gurung said police are facing difficulty to act

because the Maoists do not want to give information about murders and other incidents.

Maoist acting district-in-charge, Sushil, said the Maoists are worried about criminals operating freely. He added that his party would take action against criminals according to the party provisions. Representatives of political parties attending the interaction stressed the need for ensuring civil security and urged for better coordination between the Maoists and the police.