Police nab absconding robbery, drug-trade convicts after 23 years

BARA: Police on Friday arrested two persons convicted by District Court Bara 23 years ago.

The felons identified as 45-year-old Nanda Kishor Dhanuk and 43-year-old Habib Miya of Jitpursimara Sub-Metropolitan were on the run after the court slapped them prisons sentences and fines on counts of robbery, arson and drug trade in 1995.

According to police, law enforcement officers deployed by Area Police Office, Simara held both Dhanuk and Miya from their hide-out in their respective residences. The felons have been sent to Birjung Prison for fulfillment of their terms, officials informed.

The court had slapped Dhanuk six-year prison sentence with Rs32,850 in fines while Miya was handed over a one and a half year prison term.