Police post constructed by local initiative

Rukum, October 5

Locals of Patukhola bazaar have set up a police post in Rukum district headquarters Musikot of late following the increasing number of criminal activities due to the absence of security personnel in the area.

Despite growing cases of criminal activities, the concerned authority had failed to establish a police post in the area. Police personnel would arrive at the incident site hours after they learned of any untoward incident. Although Patukhola residents had requested the chief of district police several times to establish a police post in the area, it had gone unheard.

Earlier, the district police chief could not address the demand citing lack of proper infrastructure. The post has been established on public land with the joint efforts of locals and mid-western regional police Chief DIG Keshav Prasad Adhikari.

Police personnel have been deployed at the post since today.

Rukum DSP Govinda Thapaliya expressed happiness at the people’s initiative for establishment of the post. He said, “If everyone abides by the law of the land, peace and safety can prevail across all societies.”

“Patukhola’s reputation had been tarnished while the locals felt unsafe due to rising criminal and indecent activities. The establishment of a police post, however, has relieved us,” said local Daljit Bohara. Locals managed cupboards and chairs, among other office infrastructure, for the post.

Kashiram Khadka, chairman of the building construction management committee, said they spent Rs 2.5 lakh for construction of the two-room building. People had contributed to the building.