Political differences halt financial transaction

Bajura, May 12 

Financial transaction has halted completely for a month now due to internal dispute at Tribeni Municipality in Bajura.

Following the dispute, the municipality’s development planning and economic activities have been affected the most.

Bir Bahadur Aide from the ministry of general administration was sent to the municipality to look after finance and administration as acting executive officer on April 16.

Mayor Ram Singh Rawal of the municipality protested against Aide and did not allow him to sign attendance as acting executive officer. A team led by Rawal also padlocked Aide’s office after two days affecting financial transactions in the municipality.

Meanwhile, Aide closed the bank account at Rastriya Banijaya Bank through Kosh tatha Lekha Niyantra Karyalaya, Bajura, after he was not allowed to sign attendance.

Deputy Mayor Sunita Sunar said that all plans of the third quarter had been affected due to closure of financial transactions. “We have yet to release amounts for completed works, while other activities have completely stopped,” she added.

Aide is also from the same municipality while Khagendra Saud, who was also appointed in the same post, is also from the same municipality.

A local, Sher Bahadur Shahi, said that Aide was a CPN-UML supporter while Saud was a Nepali Congress cadre.

The municipality looks mismanaged after Rawal rejected Aide. Rawal was elected mayor from the Nepali Congress. Shahi said developmental activities should not be halted because of political issues. He added that people had been victimised due to political problem.