Political parties hold peace rally

Birgunj, January 21:

A peace rally was organised in Birgunj today at the initiative of political parties to protest recent violent activities in the Terai region.

Political parties, social organisations, students, farmers, businessmen, teachers and a large number of women attended the rally. Participants of the peace rally went around the city carrying placards calling on people to maintain social harmony and peace in the country.

Addressing the mass, a member of legislative parliament from the Nepali Congress, Ajaya Chaur-asiya, said: “As the regressive forces are attempting to disrupt peace and social harmony, the rally was organised to warn against such attempts.”

Parsa district president of the NC (Democratic) Ajaya Diwedi said: “Attempts of the regressive forces cannot affect social harmony of the people of Parsa.” District chairperson of the Maoists’ Intellectual Organisation Tilak-ram Luitel hoped that the peace rally would help to convey the message of brotherhood.

“The participation in the rally shows that the people of Parsa have a feeling that all should work together for the formation of a new Nepal,” Parsa district president of the NC, Rajendra Bahadur Amatya, said.

NC, NC (D), CPN-Maoist, Janamorcha Nepal and Bam Morcha took part in the rally. Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) boycotted the rally.

Meanwhile,Madheshi Peoples’ Right Forum closed down Birgunj bazaar from 4 pm today.