‘Political parties must discuss how to form new govt’

Kathmandu, July 20

Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs  Agni Prasad Kharel said that political parties should discuss how a new government could be formed.

Speaking at a press conference organised at the Ministry here today, Kharel said he believed that if the Parliament passed the no-trust motion, political parties should discuss how a new government could be formed.

“We are ready to give an outlet to the country. If conflicting interpretations of constitutional provisions arise, (the appropriate body) would offer the interpretation,” the Minister added.

Law Secretary Tek Prasad Dhungana said if a dispute on the constitutional provision arose, the Supreme Court was the appropriate body to offer interpretation of constitutional provisions.

“The Supreme Court has a constitutional bench which can promptly take up issues related to constitutional provisions,” Dhungana said and added that the party seeking interpretation of the constitutional provision would have to invoke the constitutional provision.

Minister Kharel said he was confident that three budget related bills would be included in the Parliament’s agenda tomorrow.

Kharel said the CPN-MC’s charge that the government did not do enough to move ahead works related to the peace process was untrue. He said the Ministry of Home Affairs, which was held by a CPN-MC leader did not move ahead some of the bills related to the peace process.

He said his ministry was ready to act on bills related to the peace process, but those bills should first be drafted by the line ministries.

Minister Kharel said the ministry was giving priority to drafting new bills that would be necessary to implement the new constitution. He said 35 bills had already been drafted and ministry-wise discussions on 38 more bills were continuing.

He said his ministry was following the calendar it had adopted for implementation of the constitution.

Secretary Dhungana said if the line ministry prepared the draft of the TRC bill keeping in mind the verdicts of the Supreme Court, Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs would complete its task within two to three days.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dilli Raj Ghimire said the government needed to make laws on 138 themes out of which some bills had already been passed, some were under consideration of the Parliament and some were yet to be registered in the Parliament.