‘Political stability to usher in development’

Pokhara, February 19

Province 4 Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung today said political stability would usher in economic development and prosperity in Nepal.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of 68th National Democracy Day in Pokhara, CM Gurung held that democratic practice was uncontrolled and unprincipled in Nepal. “Democracy is neither principled nor is there any potent party to bring it on track,” Gurung said adding “No matter how good the statute is, people are fighting over culture, ethnicity and race.”

Gurung said every citizen of the country should feel from deep down his/her heart the desire to contribute something to the country for its development. “We should be united for development and prosperity regardless which party is in power,” he added.

Noting that Japan and Germany had taken a great leap in development after Second World War, Gurung reminded of the need for the same level of efforts for Nepal’s development. “Political stability has come in the country. Time has come to implement the statute and focus on development and prosperity,” Gurung stated.

He reiterated that all should be united for the development and prosperity. “We will have to raise the per capita income of Nepali citizen to $1,400 per year in matters of five to 10 years” Gurung said.

Stating that federal republicanism had come to the country after prolonged agitation and movement, Gurung said the new political system would usher in prosperity and development. “The need of the hour is good governance, justice and equality. Martyrs sacrificed their lives for this,” Gurung noted.

Gurung said that as province 4 was rich in natural resources his Cabinet would work to make the Pradesh a model and prosperous province.