Ramechhap, July 21

Locals of Ramechhap today suggested that educational qualification be fixed for political leaders, who occupy important government positions, including posts of premier, ministers, and members of Parliament.

Participants at the feedback collection programme organised in Manthali of Ramechhap stressed the need to fix the academic qualification for political leaders in the statute.

“Even a driver requires academic qualification of certain level for the job. So, fixing the qualification for people who run the country is only obvious and it should be included in the statute,” demanded Ramesh Tamang of Pinkhuri.

Stating that academic qualification was required in every sector, Tara Rai from Manthali highlighted the need to determine the academic qualification to become prime minister, minister, and/or members of Parliament in the new statute. Majority of the participants voiced similar opinion.

Journalist Badri Nayaghare stated the same idea and suggested that complete press freedom as well as special provision for women and differently-abled people.

Villagers had come from various VDCs to participate in the feedback collection. They put forward an array of suggestions, including direct election of representatives from ward chairman to prime minister, stern punishment for corrupt officials, promulgation of the new statute only after demarcation and naming of new provinces, citizenship provision for males immediately after marrying a Nepali girl, among others.