‘Politics crucial for Madhes issues’

Rajbiraj, February 1

Chairman of Janamat Party CK Raut today said he came into politics not because of his whimsical desire but to solve the problems faced by Madheshi people.

Speaking at a mass meet organised at his home district Saptari’s headquarters Rajbiraj, CK Raut reiterated that he did not join politics deliberately to fulfil his personal needs.

“I joined politics as politics is crucial to address the problems faced by Madhesi people,” Raut said. He accused other Madhes-centric parties of ignoring sacrifices made by martyrs in Madhes. “They made martyrs the ladder to ascend to power,” he said.

Raut claimed his party was established to guarantee rights of Madhesi people and fulfil the dream of prosperous Madhes.

He slammed Samajwadi Party leader Upendra Yadav for grabbing the ministerial berth repeatedly to fulfil his personal interest.

“Madhesi parties and Nepali Congress have lost relevance in the country’s politics. They do not offer any solution to the country,” Raut said.