Poor transport services affect Rolpa people

Rolpa, July 21:

People in Rolpa district have been facing problems due the mismanagement in transport services.

The monopoly of a few transport entrepreneurs (syndicate system) has led to insufficient number vehicles operating in the district.

Currently, only one bus each leaves for Ghorahi, Kathmandu, Bhaluwang and Nepalgunj from Liwang and only six buses are operated to different destinations — including Sulichaur, Tila and Nigalpani — within the district.

“The number of buses are too few compared to the number of passengers,” Man Prasad Pun, a teacher of Korchwang, said, adding that the passengers were being packed like sardines in the buses. “Besides, the buses operating in the district are too old and thereby increasing the chances of accidents,” he said.

The 109-km Bhaluwang-Liwang road, which is in operation for the past 23 years, is yet to be blacktopped. The dilapidated road is highly prone to accidents.

Members of civil society complained that the transport entrepreneurs were imposing their monopoly, as the Department of Transport Management was inactive.

The department had not taken a concrete decision on buses ferrying passengers beyond the capacity, they said.