Poudel wants constitutional monarchy out of NC statute

Kathmandu, August 25:

With the party’s national convention around the bend, Nepali Congress (NC) leader Ram Chandra Poudel said today the convention would lead the party in a “new direction” putting an end to the King’s “practice of intervention” in the democratic process. “I would suggest removal of constitutional monarchy from the party statute,” he said at the Reporters’ Club, and conceded the convention would also end the “practice of individualism” inside the party to ensure intra-party democracy. On his contending for the post of party president, he said, “I am not here to bargain for any post”.

Poudel, who claimed to be in favour of people’s democracy, said, “I can only say the convention would be significant in giving the party a new course with fresh policy and programmes, including intra-party democracy and restructuring of the statute.”

He said the issues would be debated within the party. “Practice of individualism must end now,” he said adding, “The party cannot function effectively without intra-party democracy and transparency.”