Poverty compels husband to tie his intellectually disabled wife at home

DHADING: Poverty has driven a husband to tie his intellectually disabled wife at home in Aashidovan of Nilkantha Municipality-12 of Dhading district.

According to a family source, Sunita Bote (33) who showed signs of mental illness two years ago is in a chronic state and has been confined at home by being tied at both her hands and feet.

"Two years ago, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and ever since, she has been showing unusual signs," Sunita's husband Chan Bahadur Bote shared.

Chan Bahadur, who works as a mechanic at a garage, takes his wife along with him to his work place at a local garage in Ashikhola Dovan and ties her even during his working hours.

"I took my wife for primary care and health checkup but to no avail; due to lack of funds and unable to take further measures, I have been tying her at home," Chan Bahadur lamented.

"I leave home early to earn bread and butter for my family, but Sunita walks haphazardly, runs everywhere, pelts stone at others injuring them many times and I am compelled to tie her at home," Chan Bahadur shared.

"I don't want to tie her like this forever, I don't know where I should take her for treatment as I don't have enough funds, whatever I earn is just enough to feed my family."

Chan Bahadur and Sunita are parents to three daughters.

"A local organisation is bearing expenses for my elder daughter's education, however, due to lack of funds I am unable to send my two daughters to school," Chan Bahadur shared his plight.