Power supply delights Palpa's Rampur folks

RAMPUR, PALPA: There has been no bound of happiness among the local people following the supply of electricity to all settlements of Rampur Municipality wards 4, 5 and 7 in Palpa district after a 17-year hiatus.

Villagers have are euphoric after the expansion of electricity services at Chhatibandanda, Bhaindanda and lower Gijindanda of ward 4, Bahakhola of ward 5, Bahundanda, Bhanjyangbari, Sarparaj, Mudhikhop, Golainche, Gaurabari, Bikramdi and Kusunde of ward 6 nearby municipality.

Shokman Shrestha (85) of Bahakhola, who never expected of illuminating village through electric power during his life time is feeling exalted to have a life with light.

With the electrification materialised, members of around 200 households here have been benefitted.

Users Committee Chairperson Dobraj Tiwari shared that the project was completed at the cost of Rs 3.3 million which included the government's investment of Rs 1.98 million, RS 825,000 from Rampur municipality annual budget, Rs 495,000 raised from local users.

Although there was electrification in some of the wards adjacent to the market areas of Rampur VDC about 17 years ago, power supply was not materialised in wards 4,5 and 7, Tiwari shared.

The electrification was carried out through the Butwal Power Company.