Power tariff cut soon

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 22:

Efforts are currently underway in sections of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the Ministry of Water Resources to cut power tariff by as much as 50 per cent for the period until October. The scheme which has not yet been finalised has suggested tariff cut by anything between 20 to 50 percent. The tariff may go up once the dry season commences in November. Claims are in place that the upward revision is being worked out in such a way that the consumers end up paying more than what they are paying under the current arrangement. The changes in power tariff for customers who consume above 150 units per month is highly likely to go into effect sooner, with all the chances of the beneficiaries left to pay less when they pay the bill for the month of Sravan (July 15-August 14).

The changes, which were in the pipeline, are in tune with the long-debated policy of introducing seasonal power tariff whereby customers are obliged to pay downwardly revised rate during wet season (July-October) and upwardly revised rates during dry season (November to June). However, the efforts to introduce the same could be delayed by a month just in the event the Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission does not give concurrence sooner.

It has been learned the commission has been suggesting that the wet season reprieve should also go to those who are consuming less energy than 150 units per month, the NEA appears to have stuck to its own idea of introducing the scheme to benefit only those who consume more than 150 units per month.