Prakash condemns call to destroy Maoist arms

Says no pact on electing Koirala as first prez

Kathmandu, May 29:

General secretary of the CPN-Unity Centre Masal Narayan Kaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’ today said the demand to destroy the Maoists’ arms was against the peace pact and it could even ruin the whole peace process.

In his first public encounter with the press corps here today, Prakash said the Maoist army should be adjusted within a certain period on the basis of solid agreed policies. He said the dialogue to merge his party with the CPN-Maoist was on and it would be done very soon.

“I personally believe there should be just one communist party of all the revolutionary communists in Nepal,” he said. He, however, said his party would not accept Prachandapath.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the eleventh hour preparation to resolve political complexities, Prakash said the current mandate and the main tasks of the Constituent Assembly should guide the political parties to pursue consensus.

Denying any agreement between major parties to elect PM Girija Prasad Koirala as the first president, he said, “Any able personality can get that job.”

Prakash maintained that the new government should say ‘wait until the new constitution is made’ but should immediately bring a relief package for the poor.

He urged all to work towards strengthening nationality and democracy side by side, as foreign powers could try to meddle in domestic affairs in times of transition.