Precious herbs limited to home remedy in Province 7

DHANGADHI: The locals of Bichhaya of Bajura district in Province 7 are depending on the use of local herbs for their medication, says local Birmal Rokaya.

“We do not need expensive allopathic medicines, rather we use herbs is different forms,” claimed Rokaya.

Despite the lack of attention on the importance of herbs, Bajura locals put their trust in the medicinal plants.

“I treat as many as 50-100 patients daily with the herbs,” claimed Gore Bogate of Pandusain in the district, who is knowledgeable in the local herb lore, adding that in lack of doctors and medicines, herb medication have been fulfilling the role of treating people.

Such knowledge is slowly disappearing with the lack of interest in natural healing therapy and with the passing of senior locals knowledgeable in this area. Locals claim that Khaptad Swami was able to fast for months due his knowledge of herbs.

Despite the health significance of natural herbs, the herbs found in the hilly areas of Province 7 have been limited to their usage in home remedies.

The in-depth study of local herbs and creating a market for them will contribute in boosting the economic status of the region, according to forestry experts.

Government needs to make policy regarding the herbs, their study, conservation and market development, said Suresh Rokaya, Assistant Forest Officer at the District Forest Office, Doti.

“This region has multitude of rare and valuable herbs, which could be a key point to uplift the economic status of local people, if utilised to their full potential,” said Assistant Forest Officer Rokaya, adding, “to make this possible, a herb processing centre is needed in the area.”

Badimali area of Bajura district alone houses more than 203 species of herbs, while Khaptad area houses 280 types of herbs.

Various precious herbs like Panch Aunle, Bisjara, Yarshgumba, as well as hundreds of common herbs including Kaulo, Dalchini, Ritha, Sungava, Sugandhawal, Chiraito, and Shilajit can be found in the hilly areas of Province 7.