Pregnant and widowed mother struggles to raise children

BAJURA: A pregnant woman and her three children are facing day-to-day challenges after the death of the only breadwinner in their family, of Kotila in Budhinanda Municipality-6, Bajura district.

Krishna Aauji has been struggling to raise her children after her husband Paliman Aauji died in a drunk accident. Paliman died seven months ago when Krishna was two months pregnant.

Krishna has three other children -- Niruta (13), Namati (9) and Pawan (7) -- studying in grades six, three and one respectively at local Bageshwari Primary School.

Paliman used to work as a farm labourer to make a living. Aauji family is presently living in desperation after Paliman's demise, said local teacher Janesh Bhandari. He added that the children do not go to school regularly, which has hampered their education.

Krishna and her children are temporarily staying in a shed at her maternal home. She said, "I am pregnant and worried about how to raise my children.”

The eldest child, Niruta, who is now left without her father has to help her pregnant mother. She has not been able to attend school regularly amid her responsibilities towards her family. The children cannot afford school stationery at a time when they are either working or begging to bring in food for the family.

With tears in her eyes, Krishna Aauji said, "I don’t own any property and can't afford nutritious food during my pregnancy. I sleep empty stomach most days."

(Translated by Madhavi Marasini)