DOLAKHA: Doctors in Charikot Hospital in Dolakha today saved a pregnant woman who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Forty-three-year-old Buddhimaya Thami of Bigu Rural Municipality-8 was unconscious from excess bleeding when she was brought to the hospital, where she was immediately operated on. “Her foetus had died about a week ago in the womb and her uterus was severely damaged due to this, so we had to remove her uterus altogether,” said Dr Binod Dangal, who led the team that operated on the woman. “This was a rare case and a complex operation that lasted for three hours,” he added. According to Dangal, they had encountered two such cases earlier at the hospital. Buddhimaya, married at the age of 20, has five children. “We already have five kids and were expecting the sixth one, but the baby was wasted,” said Buddhimaya’s husband Karna Bahadur.