Education project proving to be a boon

Gaighat, July 30

Jalpa Integrated Development Society Udayapur has launched preliminary education project with the support of World Vision International in Udayapur.

The project has made needy children’s learning process easy and convenient. Under the project, children from Grade I to III of eight community schools at Tapli Rural Municipality have been provided with necessary educational materials to assist them with their studies.

Asha Maya Tamang of Jhilke Pokhari in Tapli Rural Municipality said she would not have to spend money for her son’s stationery. “Earlier, I had a hard time educating two children of mine. The project has made it easy for me as it provided me with educational materials,” said Tamang.

The project has been in operation for the past two years. The project, after its launch, has encouraged impoverished families to educate their kids.

JIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Rudra Pokhrel said children’s number had increased swiftly in community schools after implementation of the project. According to Pokhrel, notebooks, pens, bag and tiffin boxes are provided to the students. Likewise, jute carpet, mattresses, round tables, and white boards have been managed in the classrooms. Pokhrel said preparation was under way to expand the project to other rural municipalities as well.

Jhilke Pokhari Secondary School head teacher lGovind Khadka said students’ number had increased with the project coming into operation.

Likewise, Katahare Secondary School teacher Himala Raskoti said textbooks prepared by the project were easy to understand and had won students’ hearts. Students had shown increased interest in studies, he added.

Jalpa Integrated Development Society Udayapur Chair Pushpa Pokhrel said the project was proving effective as children would be involved in music, dance and other creative works, apart from study.