Preparation for Maghi begins

Dhangadi, January 9

With just five days remaining in the month of Poush, Tharu communities of western Nepal are busy with preparations for Maghi — one of the biggest festivals of Tharus — that falls on Magh 1 (January 15).

Tharus of Kailali, Kanchanpur, Bardiya, Banke and Dang, among other places, celebrate Maghi with joy and exuberance. With just less than a week left for the festival, they have started collecting tree leaves to make plates and preparations for cultural dances are in full swing.

People who were employed elsewhere have also started returning home to celebrate Maghi. Tharu poeple celebrate Maghi for three days starting from the last day of Poush to Magh 2.

They celebrate Magh 1 as their new year. The festival  is celebrated by consuming various delicacies and taking blessings from elders.

According to Tharu intellectuals, the festival is celebrated as the community’s new year because on this day Tharus make their annual plans for running household activities.

They also said the festival was taken as a festival of freedom.