Preparations for first-phase twin elections over: EC

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission has said that all preparations for the first round of the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies have been completed.

The election has been scheduled from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm in 32 districts tomorrow.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the EC in the Capital on the eve of the first phase of twin elections, Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav urged the entire voters to take part in the election enthusiastically.

The twin elections remaining as the significant tool for the implementation of the constitution are taking place in two phases-- first phase in 32 districts tomorrow and the second phase in 45 districts on coming December 7. The first phase elections under the first- past the-post (FPTP) system shall send 37 members to the House of Representatives and 74 to the State Assemblies among 702 candidates for the both elections.

A total of 3,191,945 people are exercising their franchise in tomorrow's elections taking place at 4,465 polling centers of 2,919 polling stations. The EC has said that it has guaranteed the voting rights of voters in case of the eligible voter failed to get the identity card or has lost it or it has been damaged due to various reasons. Nepali citizenship certificate or the voter's identity card issued in 2070 BS by the election commission, or a passport or a driving license or the land registration certificate or a biometric (government) official identity card shall be recognised as the valid document for voting.

The EC has called on the voters to vote for the candidates chosen by their hearts confidently.

Urging voters not to try to cast ballot in the name of others, the EC said fake voters shall be punished according to the law. The EC has appealed to all political parties, election candidates and bodies concerned to fully abide by the election code of conduct and contribute to the building of a dignified political culture.

On the occasion, CEC Yadav said polling officers have been already instructed to make appropriate arrangements for the convenience of persons with disabilities, expecting mothers, senior citizens, incapacitated and sick and to give them priority during the voting process. Likewise, arrangements are in place in which visually impaired/ blind or physically incapacitated (not able to vote mark self on ballot paper) can take the help of a member of the same family on the consent of the voting officer or can vote with the help of the voting officer, according to the EC.

Bright green coloured ballot paper shall be there for the FPTP House of Representatives election and the ballot paper printed in black shall be there for the State Assemblies election. Voter should put a swastika stamp on one election symbol in each ballot paper.

For the PR election for the House of Representatives, bright red coloured ballot paper mentioned Ballot Paper-1 on the top of it is for the House of Representatives and that featuring the Ballot Paper-2 is for the State Assemblies election.

The EC has called on the all media houses to check and verify the facts with authorized organisations and people (EC, security bodies and employees deputed in the election) before disseminating the election related news.