Preparations ongoing for visiting Indian PM's Shodashi Upachar Pooja

JANAKPURDHAM: Preparations for Shodasi Upachar puja to be conducted by visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have started at Janakpur-based Janaki temple.

According to Mahantha Ramtapeshwor Das Baishnav of the temple, the puja will be conducted as per rituals and also keeping in view the time of the visiting Indian premier. “Local scholars will be called for the puja,” said the mahantha, adding that the dignitaries of different fields will be managed for the welcome of the visiting guest at the temple if security personnel will allow that.

The mahantha also informed that an Indian team that had come to inspect the temple and receive  information about the puja on Wednesday said that Modi would stay at the  temple for about half-an-hour. The visiting Indian prime minister is scheduled to land at Barahabigha via a chopper and then head to the temple.