Preparations on to amend Local Government Operation Act

KATHMANDU: The government is preparing to amend the Local Government Operation Act, 2074 BS as some of the provisions of the act contradict other laws.

"The Act enforced for operation of local levels is in conflict with some federal and provincial Acts and laws; so, preparations are being made to amend the Act," said Suresh Adhikari, spokesperson for the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

 In this backdrop, MoGA has held discussions with the District Coordination Committee Federation, the Municipalities Association of Nepal and the Rural Municipalities’ Federation.

“The Local Government Operation Act was brought in a haste. Various federal and provincial laws that have been formulated at present clash with the Act, hence necessitating amendment,” Adhikari said.

According to him, some provisions contained in the Act conflict with the laws and acts related to forestry, land reforms, education and tax formulated at the federal and provincial level.