Khotang, May 9 Nepali Congress leader Udaya Shamsher Rana today argued that the ways in which the government and the president presented themselves in the Parliament were worrying signs for the country. “After a huge sacrifice we’ve finally secured republicanism, but if we look at the modus operandi of the government and the head of state, it has us worried about the threat such gestures signal to hard-earned gains of democracy and republicanism,” said Rana at a press conference in Diktel. Rana arrived here today in the course of the party’s nationwide national awareness drive. Further, making an explicit reference to the terminology used by the president after the fashion of the kings of the yesteryears while unveiling the government policies and programmes, the Congress leader argued that the use of the words ‘my government’ could be a hint at the true intention of the government. “Granted, the use of the words in itself wasn’t much of an issue, but how and in what context it was used by the president and in the subsequent presentation of the prime minister in the Parliament has us worried,” he said. The former state minister of finance called on the government to show courage and investigate the Baluwatar land fraud. “Let’s investigate the issue and punish the guilty, no matter who he or she is and whichever party s/she belongs to,” he said.