PM spells death knell for rights protests

Kathmandu, September 19

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today said movements for democracy had already achieved their desired goals and the country could not be made a ‘guinea pig’ in the name of rights.

He said this at a special function organised at Nepali Army pavilion in Tundikhel to mark Constitution Day. President Bidhya Devi Bhandari and other constitution post holders were present on the occasion.

The PM said the country should not become a playground for activities of forces with irrational objectives.

Stating that peaceful or armed movements should end with the implementation of the constitution, the PM said the country should only debate fast development model and nothing else.

The prime minister said his government had decided to seek foreign investment and assistance from neighbours, friendly countries and institutions to realise the goals of development. He added that efforts should be made to establish a welfare state with enough provisions of equity and justice involving government, private sector and cooperatives.

Oli said all the three organs of the state — executive, Parliament and judiciary — should keep the country, people, democracy and justice in the forefront while taking a decision on any issue.

He added that the new constitution was not only the mother of all laws but also a common document that manifested the aspirations of all Nepalis. Oli said the constitution, which was framed by people representing all regions, castes and ethnic groups, had accepted the significance and dignity of all citizens. “Therefore we take pride in the constitution,” he added.

“This constitution has embraced not only patriotism, humanity and democracy but also our values, norms and practices,” he added.

The constitution is the most progressive document as it incorporates all the features of democracy and has a vision of achieving the goals of socialism with the values and norms of democracy, he argued.

The PM said the constitution had addressed all the voices of resentment expressed in society. “Nepali people will not tolerate any attempt to shatter their dream of development and prosperity,” Oli added.

The PM said all three tiers of government were clear on their concurrent powers and they had been doing their jobs that fell under their jurisdiction.

“The federal system is new for us and will get full shape with time,” he added.

He said since the state had embraced federalism, any debate on whether federalism was right or wrong had lost relevance. “When a nation decides, the leadership must resolutely execute it. There can be no ifs and buts,” he added.