Priority to resume smooth supply of goods: DPM Thapa

Kathmandu, October 13

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa today said the government’s number one priority is the resumption of essential supplies.

Saying diplomatic initiative has already been taken to this effect, he shared his confidence that the disruption at the border checkpoints and the resultant shortage of essential commodities would ease in a matter of days.

According to him, the government will address the ongoing protests at the border through dialogue, talk with the Indian side to resolve difficulties in transit and supplies and come up with a short, medium and long-term policy to address the problem of scarcity of goods in future.

The government had authorised DPM Thapa to lead a high-level team to talk with the Indian side for early resumption of supplies.

Saying he would try to lead the nation’s diplomacy in a proactive and pragmatic way, Thapa also said he would try to take Nepal’s relations with its neighbouring countries — India and China to a newer height.

Recalling the violation of diplomatic code of conduct in the past, Thapa pledged to effectively address the issue during his stint.

He cautioned that arbitrary conduct in diplomacy would be harmful for the interest of our friendly countries and would also compromise the interest of Nepal.

Responding to a query, he said he was committed to implement the new republican federal constitution of the nation though he represents a separate political ideology and views. “I am fully committed to implementing the new constitution,” he said.

On the formation of a new government based on a coalition of rightist, centrist and leftist forces, he said, this government was not formed on the basis of any ideology but with the goal of strengthening nationalism and democracy and bringing economic prosperity.