Prison Hospital begins dental service

Kathmandu, October 25

Prison Hospital, Nepal’s only health facility to provide treatment service to inmates, has begun dental services.

Located on the premises of the Central Jail in Sundhara, Prison Hospital started providing dental service from mid-September.

The Central Jail had started providing health services to inmates since 1962 from a single room. The health facility was upgraded to a 15-bed hospital in 2007.

It was expanded to a 30-bed well-equipped hospital last year and also has added new services.

Dr Sachin Yadav, medical superintendant of the hospital, said the medical service was expanded keeping in mind the health of inmates. “We have scaled up services to provide all treatment services to inmates in the hospital”, he added.

The hospital has been providing out-patient department service, internal service, dermatological service, eye, psychiatric services, tuberculosis and leprosy cure services.