Private health facilities refusing service to face music

JANAKPURDHAM: The government in Province-2 has directed district authorities to take stern action against any health facility found to be refusing services.

Responding to complaints that private hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities are turning away patients without treatment, a meeting of the chief district officers and chiefs of security agencies of all eight districts, held with the initiative of provincial government yesterday, took a decision to this effect.

The directive issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law to all district administration offices, in line with the meeting’s decision, has directed the administration to scrap licence of the nursing homes, hospitals and other health facilities that refused to provide health services during these critical times.

Further, the administrations have also been urged to monitor whether the health facilities are operating by keeping up with the existing rules.

“It is hereby urged that the concerned district authorities investigate and take necessary action -- such as scrapping licence or taking over -- against any health facility found to be not fulfilling their minimum ethical and legal obligations, duties and responsibilities, and ensure regular services during the lockdown,” the directive reads.

“Every health facility operating in Province-2 must provide services to the best of their capacity to any patient that approaches them for service, and there won’t be any excuses,” said Secretary Krishnahari Pushkar of the Ministry.

Meanwhile, keeping in view the difficulty faced by daily wage-earners to get their ends met during lockdown, the government today released funds to local levels, which are supposed to be distributed among the beneficiaries.

Earlier, a youth, who had a leg injury and was suffering from fever, had died on the way to Kathmandu for treatment after the Birgunj-based National Medical College refused to treat him.

(Reported by Brij Kumar Yadav)