Private vehicles to have embossed plates

Kathmandu, November 6

The Department of Transport Management today started distribution of embossed number plates for vehicles on the basis of provincial structure.

Publishing a notice today, DoTM announced it had started accepting online registration for new embossed number plates for vehicles.

The government has begun the process of distributing embossed number plates for vehicles on the basis of provincial structure as per the directive of the erstwhile development committee of the Parliament. The committee had directed the government to do away with the zonal format while issuing embossed number plates.

The committee had reasoned that since the country had already adopted provincial and federal system of governance, embossed number plates in zonal format didn’t make any sense.

“Following the parliamentary committee’s directive, we started accepting applications for embossed number plates under the provincial format today,” said Tok Raj Pandey, spokesperson for DoTM.

Under the new format, vehicles will be issued embossed number plates based on the province they are registered in.

DoTM had begun installing embossed number plates on vehicles belonging to the government and diplomatic agencies on August 20. Following the parliamentary committee’s directive DoTM had to defer its plan to install embossed number plates on private vehicles.

Pandey said the department today opened embossed number plate system for private vehicles. With this, vehicles belonging to the government and diplomatic agencies, as well as private vehicles, can apply for new embossed number plates.

According to DoTM, embossed number plates for motorbikes will cost Rs 2,500, three-wheelers Rs 2,900, light four-wheelers and tractors Rs 3,200, and heavy vehicles Rs 3,600.

To get new embossed number plates, vehicle owners are required to deposit the aforementioned amount at Rastriya Banijya Bank and complete the online registration. After filling online form, customers are required to print the form and submit various documents sought in the form, along with the bank voucher, at the DoTM office. DoTM will then notify the customer via SMS regarding the acceptance of the form and will also notify customers once the embossed number plate of their vehicle is ready.

Customers are then required to get the embossed number plates installed on their vehicles at the Small and Big Vehicle Division of Bagmati Transport Management Office in Ekantakuna.

The embossed number plating system for vehicles is expected to help the government track vehicles, control vehicle thefts and check use of the vehicle in criminal activities.