Problems of Haruwa Charuwa yet to be resolved

Rajbiraj, December 26

Speakers at a programme organised in Rajbiraj today said it was the state’s responsibility to resolve the problems of landless Haruwa Charuwa in Saptari.

Speaking at a workshop organised by Community Gramin Development Society Nepal today, stakeholders said the government ought to resolve problems prevailing in the community. Province Assembly member Govinda Bahadur Neupane, said that Haruwa Charuwa had been victimised under one pretext or another. He claimed that almost all Haruwa Charuwa were landless and the so-called powerful people had monopolised even the government’s People Settlement Programme.

Another Province Assembly member Rubi Karna said Das Pratha still prevailed in society although significant changes had taken place in the country. “The poor and needy people have been victimised due to various social problems,” she added.

Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Saptari presidium member Hareram Yadav, said the problems would be resolved if right to livelihood was implemented as per the law of the land.

Central Secretary of Haruwa and Charuwa Rights Forum Lagindra Sada said the leaders apathetic to resolving the

problems of Haruwa Charuwa. He said the leaders visited Haruwa Charuwa community only for votes during the election and disappeared after achieving their vested interests. “The landless have been living on the banks of rivers and ponds for generations and they have to face action for encroaching public land, which is unfair,” he added.

At the programme, Public Awareness Dalit Sangam Executive Director Ganesh Prasad Ram said the plight of Haruwa Charuwa was similar to that of Kamaiya and Haliya. He said Haruwa Charuwa people were compelled to toil hard for minimum wages.