‘Process for fresh mandate begins’


Minister of Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung said the process of going for a fresh mandate had started in order to drive the country in a new way.

Speaking at the 5th ICT Award-2020 function organised by Living With ICT here today, Minister Gurung maintained dissolution of the Parliament took place for the development and prosperity.

“At present, politics needs servicing like mobile phones and computers. So we started servicing politics by slashing the five-year term of the Parliament to three years. Politics servicing would give the country a new pace. Now, the country will prosper by taking along politics and industrial revolution together,” he said.

Stating there was need for collaboration between government and private sector to work for further advancement of information technology, the minister, also spokesperson for the government, said efforts were on to create an environment to bring back Nepali ICT experts working abroad.

Preparations were under way to form an eminent group that would comprise experts in information technology at home and abroad for the development of information technology, he said.

Former chief election commissioner Nilakantha Uprety stressed the need to transform Nepal’s democracy into digital democracy. He had received the pioneer ICT award.

Uprety also stressed that electronic medium should be adopted in the upcoming election.

Award coordinator Rajan Lamsal shared that the award had been provided every year to honour the individuals working in the field of information and technology sector.