Progress in Education for All to be assessed

Kathmandu, November 17:

The Department of Education (DoE) is preparing action plans, forming thematic groups and formulating terms of reference to assess the progress made in achieving Education for All goals.

With the objective of helping the DoE and ministry officials assess the progress made in realising education for all goals, a UNESCO team, which arrived here on Monday, had imparted a training to them. Ram Swarup Sinha, director at the DoE, said the UNESCO team had called on the DoE to form thematic groups to assess and monitor the effectivity of Education for All programme.

“It will also formulate action plans, thematic group and terms of reference to assess programmes,” said Sinha. “We should provide training to teachers and make sure that students are not subjected to corporal and other punishments,” psaid Sinha.

Within the year 2007, the EFA aims to increase children’s access to primary education, enhance quality of education at the primary level and increase the institutional capability of schools. Similarly, Secondary Education Support Programme () aims to increase the access of poor and underprivileged students to secondary education, improve the learning environment, enhance the institutional capability of schools and impart effective and sustainable training to teachers.