Nepal | October 15, 2019

Progression to settle Province 2 name, HQs issues slows down

Brij Kumar Yadav

JANAKPURDHAM: The progression to settle the issues of name and permanent headquarters of Province 2 has retarded as the provincial assembly meeting scheduled for today was postponed with a notice until the next weekend.

The Province 2 government has been mulling over moving a proposal in Provincial Assembly to settle the issues of name and headquarters of the province.

The issue on the agenda has prolonged as proposals registered by various political parties regarding the name and headquarters of the province differ.

Province 2 Provincial Assembly Speaker Saroj Kumar Yadav said a parliamentary committee would be formed to achieve consensus among all the political parties. He opined that a provision could be made for the committee to undertake the task within a month and could take help from experts specialised in various sectors. Speaker Yadav expressed his belief that concurrence of name and headquarters of the province would deliver a positive message.

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) lawmaker Shatrudhan Mahato said that the political parties would reach consensus in a few months.

The Province 2 provincial assembly had appealed to political parties to file their recommendation on name and headquarters of the Province within August 22.

It has been reported that there is not much argument among NCP (NCP), ruling Samajwadi Party and Rastriya Janta Party-Nepal (RJP-N) and Nepali Congress (NC) on the recommendation of Janakpurdham as the headquarters of the province.

NC and Samajwadi Party, Parsa parliamentary party lawmakers have recommended Birgunj and the areas surrounding it as the headquarters of Province 2. The NCP (NCP) lawmakers concur with both NC and Samajwadi Party lawmakers regarding the name of headquarters while all four political parties differ the recommendation on the name of the province. The Samajwadi Party and the RJP-N have recommended ‘Madhes Pradesh’, NCP (NCP) has recommended ‘Janaki’ or ‘Janak’ while NC has recommended ‘Mithila-Bhojpura’ for the name of Province 2.

NCP (NCP) lawmaker Mahato expressed his view that ‘Mithila-Bhojpura’ and ‘Madhesh’ could be combined to name the province in order to reach consensus among the parties.

The lawmakers from Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha, Mahottari and Sarlahi districts have agreed with the proposed ‘Mithila’ as the name of the province. Likewise, lawmakers from Bhojpur, Rautahat, Bara and Parsa have also concurred with the name.

NC lawmaker Yadav said, “Unless the Samajwadi Party and the RJP-N insist on the proposed ‘Madhes Pradesh’, it will not be difficult to achieve consensus among the parties.”



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