Prohibitory order in daytime, curfew imposed at night

Dhangadi, August 23

After tension between supporters of intact far-west and Tharuhat heightened, Kailali DAO issued a curfew order in the eastern part of Kailali from 8:00pm today till 5:00am tomorrow.

The DAO had issued a prohibitory order from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the same area today.

Kailali CDO Raj Kumar Shrestha said that DAO had issued prohibitory order in Tikapur Municipality, Pathraiya, Durgauli, Manuwa, Narayanpur, and Dhansinghopur of Kailali during day and curfew at night.

Area Administration Office Tikapur Chief Suman Dhital said police could take people under control if more than five persons were found to be gathering at the same place. The prohibitory order bans agitators from organising meetings, rallies, and other disruptive activities.

After supporters of intact far-west and Tharuhat clashed at Toraiyapur of Durgauli VDC yesterday, the DAO has been imposing prohibitory order during day and curfew at night.

A large number of security personnel have been deployed at Tikapur Bazaar, Durgauli, Asnehari and Joshipur, among other places, to avert untoward incidents. DAO said that no untoward incident was reported today in Kailali.

Meanwhile, agitating Tharuhat people and loyalists of intact far-west today pledged not to indulge in any activity that disturbs the communal harmony existing between people from hills and the Tarai. At a discussion programme held by the DAO, agitating supporters of Tharuhat pledged in writing not to disturb the communal harmony. “We pledge not to do anything that affects the relationship between hill and Tarai people”, the agreement letter states.

Tharuhat Struggle Committee Kailali Chairman Lahuram Chaudhary and intact far-west agitation mobilisation committee Coordinator Gopal Deuba have put their signatures on behalf of their respective organisations. Chaudhary and Deuba have vowed not to provoke communal hatred and bitterness among people.

Representatives from the NC, UML, UCPN-Maoist, CPN Maoist, Federal Socialist Forum, National Janamorcha, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, among others, too have signed the agreement.

Deuba said they would not launch any agitation as their demand had already been addressed. “From now onwards, we will welcome agitating Tharuhat people with water if they come to Dhangadi with their demand,” Deuba added.