Prohibitory orders come into force today

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Kathmandu, May 25

The District Administration Office, Kathmandu, has prohibited demonstrations of any type like processions, mass meetings, protests, sit-ins and pressurising rallies.

The DAO has also restricted activities like operating open shops, kiosks, shops on wheels, tea and snack shops, vegetable groceries and even parking of vehicles at some public places in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City for the purpose of maintaining peace and security.

The order to this effect will come into force from tomorrow until further order in this connection.

The DAO has informed the general public that anyone or any group found carrying out the proscribed activities in the designated prohibited areas in violation of the order or anyone abetting such activities would be subjected to action as per the existing laws. The Administration has urged all concerned to extend cooperation in maintaining law and order in throughout the prohibited areas.

Accordingly, organising mass meeting and protest programmes like sit-in, operating open shops and parking of vehicles have been completely banned on the main road and the footpath on all the four directions of the International Convention Centre, Naya Baneshwar.