Project chief pastmaster at absenteeism

Himalayan News Service

Surkhet, February 17:

Strange, but true...the chief of the largest road project of the country is reported to have attended the office just for 68 days within the past ten months.

The fact came to light when a monitoring team led by Surkhet chief district officer Tilakram Sharma reached Surkhet Road Project (SRP) on Tuesday.

Monitoring teams are making the rounds ever since the royal proclamation. The monitoring teams are headed by the CDO to make all administrative activities more effective. The team found that the chief of SRP, Ram Ayodhya Prasad Das, had attended office for only 68 days in the last ten months.

CDO Sharma told this daily that Das had been spending most of his time in instead of attending office. The SRP gets a budget of about Rs 500 million every year. Even so, Das rarely visits office.

His absence has resulted in non-issuance of salary to the entire office staff for the last two months, CDO Sharma said.