Project contracts being signed in villages

Dhangadi, November 19

Kailali’s Dhangadi sub-metropolis has started a novel practice in which the sub-metropolis will reach out to consumer committees to sign contracts on development projects.

“As it would be a hassle for locals to reach out to us at the sub-metropolis office, as per the new practice, the representatives of the sub-metropolis will reach the doorstep of locals to sign contracts of development plans,” said Mayor Nripa Bahadur Odd, who added the new system had provided an opportunity to hold discussions with office bearers of the committees and locals about projects.

Just today, Mayor Odd, along with his team of sub-metropolis Chief Administrative Officer Chakrapani Pande, engineer Dijaraj Bhatta, overseer Nirmal Deuba and other staffers, reached Wards 16, 17 and 6, and signed 18 contracts. CAO Pande described the practice as new in the entire country.

“The system will be a huge relief to locals, while it will also facilitate good governance,” he said. “On the first day itself, we signed contracts for 18 plans. The campaign won’t stop until we sign all contracts,” he said.

Local Birendra Chand of Rampur, Dhangadi, said he felt happy to see representatives of the sub-metropolis at his doorstep. “Otherwise, we would have to reach the sub-metropolis office to get the contracts signed. The new system is a welcome move and the sub-metropolis should give continuity to such system,” he said.

Meanwhile, the municipality also started a practice in which the estimated cost and the remaining details of the project is written in Nepali. In the past, everything used to be in English. “As everyone will understand Nepali, we decided to publish everything in the Nepali language,” said sub-metropolis overseer Deuba.