Project secy forges signatures to withdraw money

  • Rawal had withdrawn Rs 692,000 on different dates by faking signatures

Bajura, September 4

It has come to light that Kafal Khola Irrigation Project Construction Committee Secretary Nar Bahadur Rawal forged the signatures of the chairman and treasurer to withdraw money meant for the project in Rajali of Badimalika Rural Municipality, Bajura.

The incident came to light when Project Construction Committee Chairman Jhupe Khadka and treasurer Fumgi Chadar reached the bank to withdraw money of the last instalment 13 days ago.

According to Khadka, Secretary Rawal, who had the cheques and minutes, had faked signatures and withdrawn Rs 692,000 on different dates.

An irrigation canal was constructed at a cost of Rs 2.5 million with Rs 2.3 million from the Poverty Alleviation Fund and Rs three lakh from the then Jugada VDC. Chair Khadka said that Rawal had faked the signature and withdrawn the money.

The canal construction was completed 15 months ago. Payment process was extended by one year after the Poverty Alleviation Fund failed to release the budget on time.

Rawal’s wrongdoing has infuriated locals. Consumers’ Committee has filed a case against Rawal at District Police Office, Bajura.

DSP Sagar Bohora said his office was consulting with District Government Attorney Office for legal action. Rawal has gone out of contact since the issue came to light. Locals are infuriated as Rawal embezzled the money they were supposed to receive.