Prolonged drought makes life difficult for Bajura folks

Bajura, November 6

Exodus of the majority of males to India for employment has forced females to participate in development works at Olen of Badimalika Rural Municipality-4, Bajura.

Prolonged drought for the past four years has forced males capable of working as daily wage earners of all age groups to go to India for employment.

The village has only elderly, women and children at the moment. “Most of the males have left for India for jobs,” said ward member Tulchhi Nath. Sappata village of Swamikartika Rural Municipality-1 too is without males.

After the males left for India, females are actively involved in development and social works. “If somebody dies in the village, women perform the cremation rites,” said Man Bahadur Rokaya, a local teacher.

Male members from various villages of Bajhang, Humla, Jumla, Mugu, and Kalikot are also forced to go to India to earn their livelihood.